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1 1/2" inch Cap For PVC Upright Guide Poles

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1 1/2"  inch Cap For PVC Upright Guide Poles
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In need of a 1.5 inch replacement PVC cap for your upright boat trailer guide poles? This PVC cap is designed to git over the end of your boat trailer guide pole, which provides a clean look while also providing a layer of protection to help keep out dirt, moisture and other elements that might deteriorate your guide pole. 

This PVC cap is resistant to impact, corrosion and UV rays, so you can feel good knowing that it will withstand harsh weather conditions like salt water plus the rounded edges allow for easy removal and installation.

The 1.5” cap size is compatible with most standard sized guide poles, making it a versatile option that can be used on many boat trailers. 

Overall, this 1.5” rounded PVC cap is an affordable and durable solution for protecting your upright boat trailer guide poles.

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