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1 1/16 inch x 1 3/8 inch Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit, 3500 lb Axles

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1 1/16 inch x 1 3/8 inch Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit, 3500 lb Axles
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Never get stranded without a spare again! This Bearing kit fits 3500 pound axles and includes, inner and outer bearings, seal, races, and cotter key
1 1/16 in and 1 3/8 in Bearing kit
Inner Bearing Number 68149 Race Number 68111
Outer Bearing Number 44649 Race Number 44610
Seal Inner Diameter 1.719 in
Seal Outer Diameter 2.565 in
Includes Zinc Plated Cotter Key
This Bearing Kit is used on 3500lb Trailer Axles. These Axles are typically seen with 13 inch, 14 inch, and 15 inch trailer tires. You will notice by looking at you trailer hub that the back side, (the side on the inside of the trailer) is larger than the front side (the side facing the outside of the trailer). Also, when removing your trailer hub, your spindle, (the part that the bearings ride on) is tapered, meaning larger on one end and smaller on the other. This Bearing Combination is extremely common and in most cases accommodates every 3500lb axle configuration. However, we highly recommend removing your bearings and seal if you are unsure to determine precisely what you need. There are many odd arrangements of bearings and grease seals out there that have been produced. If you notice something odd or different give us a call and we will get you taken care of! 

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