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1 1/16 inch x 1 3/8 inch Trailer Bearing Hub Kit, 3500 lb Axles

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1 1/16 inch x 1 3/8 inch Trailer Bearing Hub Kit, 3500 lb Axles
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This is a Trailer Hub Kit, typically installed in 5 lug Hubs designed for 3,500lb Trailer Axles that utilize 1 3/8" x 1 1/16" Tapered Spindles. Included in this kit are the rear Seal, Cotter Key, and the inner and outer bearings needed to repack your new or existing Trailer Hub. This particular kit does not include Races, so if you are looking to replace your Races inside of your Hub, take a look at our 3,500lb Bearing Kit with Races.

This Wheel Bearing Kit includes the 1 1/16" 44649 Outer Bearing, and the 1 3/8" 68149 Outer Bearing, as well as the UHI Double Lipped Seal that has an Inner Diameter of 1.72 Inches and an 1/8 Inch x 2 Inch Zink Plated Cotter Key. This kit is ideal if you're looking to repack and replace your inner and outer Bearings, Cotter Key and Rear Seal, while using existing Bearing Races. 

- Fits most 3,500lb 5 Lug Trailer Hubs
- 68149 Inner Bearing: 1 3/8" ID
- 44649 Outer Bearing: 1 1/16" ID
- UHI Double Lipped Grease Seal: 1.72" ID
- Zinc Plated Cotter Key

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